what is your shipping policy?


domestic shipping is currently free. if a client requests expedited shipping, it will be charged as per USPS or as per client instructions.  


shipping will be based on country and time client requests for delivery. sorry I cannot offer free shipping for international purchases.

delivery fulfillment

depending on the number of orders in progress, the piece will ship in 1 - 3 days. if you have a special occasion, please ask if a certain date can be achieved and I will strive to make it happen.

how do I care for a Traversetto? (that's the singular of traversetti... ; )

wipe it gently with a cloth slightly dampened with water ONLY; do not use any "cleaners" as you could damage the surface. as with any handmade piece, be gentle. the drawing is coated with a UV matte sealer. the vintage chip that the drawing is on can break if dropped. i've only had it happen with loose (unset) pieces. the wood is stained with a water based wood stain. 

I strive to have happy customers.

if there is anything you find amiss with the piece on its arrival, contact me within 48 hours to discuss. Email photos for reference. 


as a self employed artist making each piece by hand, i ask that you ONLY purchase a piece if you really love it. these are labors of love. the drawings are not perfect: they are art. the evidence that the pieces are handmade is part of their essence. that being said, if you are unhappy, I will consider a full refund based on our conversation. 

do you take commissions?

yes, price is determined based on subject and complexity. Payment in full is due before beginning. I will need a photograph/photographs to base the price on and to work from. I will send progress sketches as I work. Timing on commissions depends on current pieces in progress. 10 days to 3 weeks should be adequate. If you need the piece for a special occasion, let me know and I'll see if I can accommodate you.

can i commission you to design my tattoo/s? 

yes, with a 100% deposit of estimated fee. if there is a balance due, it will be required on receipt of a photograph of the finished piece and before delivery. pricing will be determined based on size and detail of desired piece. i'm not able to tattoo anyone (yet!)... 

stores and galleries

if you think the Traversetti handmade jewelry are a good fit for your store or gallery, please contact me to discuss details. Thanks for your consideration.

Any other questions?

let me know if you have any questions about the work or process that I may have missed in these FAQ's.