Suddenly SUSHI

Suddenly SUSHI


"Suddenly Sushi" is a new narrative piece combining a large piece with a smaller piece. Little parables of life. This piece measures 6" x 2.75". This can be worn as a necklace but is also a wonderful piece to hang or mount in a shadow box. 

Traversetti are handmade & one of a kind. Each drawing is sketched in pencil, then followed with ink pens varying from .003 to thick brush pens. Accents are in white, and tiny lines are etched with sharp blades. The “canvas”: is a 1.5” vintage poker chip. Each piece is matte finished to protect the surface. The frame is laser cut wood stained black. The clasp & bales are handmade from sterling silver, then oxidized (slightly blackened in a liver of sulphur solution). The chains are all rosary style with black spinel or black beads. The back of each pendant is signed by Paulette Traverso along with the name of the piece, numbered 1/1 for edition, & the date. There are currently 3 frame designs. They very slightly in size: top to bottom the smallest measures 2.125" x 2.5" to the larger at 2.4 x 2.75” Chain length: 18” with clasp. 
There are 3 example photos in addition to the image of the pendant to illustrate the following:
PLEASE READ:  Pendants pictured without the chain will be finished upon purchase.
PLEASE READ: All chains will be rosary style with black spinel & handmade oxidized sterling clasp.
PLEASE READ:  Finished pieces pictured on the website with a small clasp have all been changed to the larger sturdier clasp as shown in the example photo.
PLEASE READ: The crow pictured in the clasp example is my personal pendant. More crows should be showing up in the next months. OR, you can commission me for a crow, a raven, or any other animal or image that you have a penchant to wear… 
PLEASE READ: the 4th image is part of the debut collection of Traversetti.

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