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one of a kind
modern heirloom jewelry
handmade by
paulette traverso

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Computers are useful tools but nothing compares to using your hands to draw, sculpt, paint... my days are much richer with less computer, more pencil!

the source

A life long love of the lost, obscure wondrous ways humans have to make sense of the world through image making & storytelling is a constant inspiration for me.

Mythologies & rituals, antiquities, flora & fauna, cabinets of curiosities, natural history museums, medieval psalters, the arcane & mysterious, all contribute to the many forms of art I create.

The Traversetti Modern Heirlooms emerged from this vast & rich source.

These one of a kind offerings are for you to enjoy now & pass on as well loved heirlooms. 

A daily art practice allows for latitude in experimentation, immersion into a form, and, possibly the most important outcome: connection to self.


The Traversetti journey: 1.1.2015 begins my drawing a day project. Jump to 2.1.2017, some 700 drawings later.

At the monthly pilgrimage to the antique market. I run across a well worn box of vintage poker chips. As I look inside, the 1.5” smooth discs the color of cream call to me. A purchase is made.That night I begin to experiment with drawing on the chips. After figuring out the best tools, I start the daily drawings using the discs as small “canvases”. 

As the number of tiny canvases grew, so did the interest of studio visitors. That interest combined with my love of symbolic jewelry like Edwardian lover’s eyes, sparked the idea of one of a kind pendants, the “Traversetti”.  

Traversetti are original drawings on vintage poker chips set in thin wood frames. These miniatures speak to things that resonate with me: handmade, individuality, & living slow. I experience my art practice akin to playing jazz: you never know where an idea will come from or where it will go. The pursuit & denouement of ideas are all part of the great pleasure of making. I'd like more people to see my work & the "Traversetti" are a portal into my vison & particular point of view. 

No reproductions.
One at a time.
One of a kind. 

This is Hoo or Whom. The grammar police owl. 

This is Hoo or Whom. The grammar police owl. 

some of the

tools I use in

making Traversetti

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Flittermouse can be found in the collection Animal Mundi

Flittermouse can be found in the collection Animal Mundi

Traversetti are handmade & one of a kind. Each drawing is sketched in pencil, followed with ink pens varying from .003 to thick brush pens. Accents are in white pen, & the tiny lines are etched with sharp blades. The “canvas”:  a 1.5” vintage poker chip. Each piece is matte finished to protect the surface. The frame is laser cut wood stained black. The clasp & bales are handmade from sterling silver, then oxidized (slightly blackened in a liver of sulphur solution). The chains are all rosary style with black spinel or black beads. The back of each pendant is signed by Paulette Traverso along with the name of the piece, numbered 1/1 for edition, & the date. There are currently 3 frame designs. They very slightly in size: top to bottom the smallest measures 2.125" x 2.5" to the larger at 2.4 x 2.75” Chain length: 18” with clasp. 

November pieces

in progress

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first release of







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